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Going For Gold - The Greatest Hits

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A celebration harking back to the Britpop years of Shed Seven’s definitive band line up, spanning three albums and no less than twelve Top 40 singles. Shed Seven – Going for Gold re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London.

The two disk set includes the Parr Street sessions previously only released on the 1999 special edition CD, and two previously unreleased tracks from Live at The Forum. London. 15.11.1996. The Parr Street sessions were undertaken in 1999 especially for the special edition of Going For Gold. The four tracks are reimagining’s/stripped down versions of the original recordings.

Going For Gold – The Greatest Hits Reissued on double 180g Gold Coloured vinyl in a Gold gatefold sleeve and 12×12 art print. Comes with SoV digital Download code.
Side A
Going For Gold
Disco Down
Getting Down
Chasing Rainbows
Side B
She Left Me On Friday
On Standby
High Hopes
Bully Boy
Side C
Devil In Your Shoes
Where Have You Been Tonight
Ocean Pie
The Heroes
Side D
Disco Down - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Going For Gold - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
The Heroes - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Missing Out - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Chasing Rainbows - Live at The Forum 15.11.1996
Bully Boy - Live at The Forum 15.11.1996