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Following the release of Pawn Hearts, bandleader Peter Hammill took time out to develop a solo career, choosing to focus his energy on darkly introspective works that seemed to be intended to examine the personal consequences of his life. When it came time for reuniting the members of Van Der Graaf, this change in direction had its effect on the band's post-1975 music. While the musical structures continued to be complex and dense, there seemed to be far less accent on the demonstration of musical skill than had formerly been the case. Indeed, the album opened with daring quietness, with David Jackson's flute echoing across the stereo space, joined by Hammill's voice as he whispered the opening lines. There was sturm und drang to come, but the music had been opened up and the lyrics had developed more focus, often abandoning metaphor in favor of statement. Godbluff was a bravura comeback -- only four cuts, but all were classics.


 2CD+DVD Version

The Original Stereo Mix Remastered
CD1-1 The Undercover Man 7:33
CD1-2 Scorched Earth 9:42
CD1-3 Arrow 9:47
CD1-4 The Sleepwalkers 10:37

Bonus Tracks (BBC Radio One John Peel Session 3rd July 1975)
CD1-5 Scorched Earth 9:43
CD1-6 The Sleepwalkers 10:03

The New Stereo Mix
CD2-1 The Undercover Man 7:34
CD2-2 Scorched Earth 9:44
CD2-3 Arrow 9:58
CD2-4 The Sleepwalkers 10:37

Bonus Tracks (Live At L'Altro Mondo, Rimini, Italy, 1975)
CD2-5 A Louse Is Not A Home 12:48
CD2-6 (In The) Black Room / The Tower 11:47
CD2-7 Forsaken Gardens 7:57

High Resolution 5.1 Surround Sound Mix / New Stereo Mix / Original Stereo Mix
DVD1-1 The Undercover Man
DVD1-2 Scorched Earth
DVD1-3 Arrow
DVD1-4 The Sleepwalkers

CD Version

1 The Undercover Man 7:08
2 Scorched Earth 7:21
3 Arrow 9:48
4 The Sleepwalkers 7:59

Bonus Tracks
5 Forsaken Gardens 12:23
6 A Louse Is Not A Home 10:26