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Generation Liquid Volume 2

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Fabio, a true legend in the music industry for over three decades, kickstarted his illustrious career as a Pirate Radio DJ in the mid-80s. Throughout the years, he masterfully evolved his style across various musical genres, ranging from Dub and Hip Hop to House, until he ultimately solidified his position as one of the pioneering forces behind Jungle and Drum and Bass.

Now, 'Generation Liquid' takes the baton from the legacy of Speed, Swerve, and 'The Liquid Funk show', capturing the essence of the era and the soulful, deeper music that Fabio has championed throughout his illustrious career. This meticulously curated collection celebrates records that embody the spirit of soulful D&B, making it a must-have for anyone who has followed Fabio's musical journey since the vibrant days of the 1990s up until now.


A1 Alix Perez– Crooklyn 5:27
A2 DJ Marky & XRS– Rotation 6:20
B1 High Contrast– Twilights Last Gleaming 7:37
B2 Calibre– Drowning in You 5:57
C1 Calyx and Tee Bee – Elevate This Sound 5:16
C2 Zero T– Refusal (Calibre Remix) 6:03
D1 Calibre– Second Sun 5:55
D2 dBridge Vs. Artificial Intelligence– Odessa 6:04