Gatemouth Moore

Gatemouth Moore's Blues & Gospel Revival: Complete Blues & Gospel Releases 1945-1960

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'Gatemouth' Moore was one of several major blues artists during the 20th Century who gave up the music for gospel. This is the first ever CD to combine his early blues recordings with his later gospel work. CD 1 and the first 8 tracks of CD 2 of this set represent for the first time in one package his complete commercially released recordings for Chez Paree, National and Federal. Among his great blues recordings are the original versions of "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" and "I Ain't Mad at You". The rest of CD 2 is devoted to all of the religious recordings he made up until the end of 1962. Many of which are making their CD debut here.


Disc 1 -
1 Did You Ever Love a Woman?
2 I Ain't Mad at You, Pretty Baby
3 Somebody's Got to Go (It Ain't None of Me)
4 Jumpin at the Chez Paree
5 With Dallas Bartley and His Small-Town Boys
6 I Ain't Mad at You, Pretty Baby
7 It Ain't None of Me (So Mama You'll Have to Go)
8 With Al "Budd" Johnson's Orchestra
9 Did You Ever Love a Woman
10 I'm Goin' Way Back Home
11 Isabel
12 With Tiny Grimes Swingtet
13 Christmas Blues
14 With Al "Budd" Johnson's Orchestra
15 I Put Her Out
16 With Tiny Grimes' Swingtet
17 I'd Give It to You
18 With Al "Budd" Johnson's
19 All Stars
20 Walking My Blues Away
21 Bum Dee Dah Ra Dee
- Disc 2 -
1 Gatemouth Moore
2 They Can't Do This to Me (Or You)
3 With Tiny Grimes Swingtet
4 Love Doctor Blues
5 With Monty Morrison Trio
6 I'm a Fool to Care
7 Highway 61 Blues
8 Gamblin' Woman
9 Satisfying Papa
10 Teasin' Brown
11 Gatemouth Moore
12 Christmas Blues
13 Don't You Know I Love You Baby
14 Hey, Mr. Gatemouth
15 East of the Sun
16 Gotta Walk
17 Gatemouth Moore
18 Something I'm Gonna Be
19 You're My Speciality Baby
20 Did You Ever Try to Cry
21 You're Having Hard Luck
22 Willa Mae
23 Graveyard Disposition
24 After Loving a Woman
25 I Ain't Mad at You Pretty Baby
26 Rev. "Gatemouth" Moore
27 The Bible's Being Fulfilled Every Day
28 Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
29 I'm Going Through
30 Thank You, Jesus
31 Elder Gatemouth Moore
32 Ain't God Alright
33 Silent Night
34 Rev. Elder "Gatemouth" Moore and the Bessemer Big Four
35 They Buried Sin - Part 1
36 They Buried Sin - Part 2
37 Revival!
38 Rev Gatemouth Moore and His Gospel Singers
39 Jesus on the Main Line
40 Higher Ground (Lord, Lift Me Up)
41 Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
42 Glory, Glory
43 Blessed Quietness
44 Down By the Riverside
45 In the Morning
46 Take the Lord Along with You
47 Lord, I've Started
48 By and By