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From London To Paris 1964

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On January 12th 1964, the night after finishing a 16–night run at London’s Finsbury Park Astoria, the Beatles made their 2nd appearance on the prestigious Sunday Night At The London Palladium TV show performing a five-song set.

The following day they flew to Paris and on the 14th, they were on stage again playing a warm-up show at the Cinéma  Cyrano in Versailles, ahead of an 18-day residency at the Paris Olympia Theatre.

Comparing French to English audiences, Paul commented at the time, “In England the
audiences are seventy-five percent female. Here, seventy-five percent male. And that's the main difference, really. Because they still appreciate it, but you don't get the full noise and the atmosphere of a place. No screams."

The sound quality of the French shows from ORTF radio and TV is excellent, but the London Palladium set, recorded direct off air, is poor.


Side One:
1. From Me To You
2. I Saw Her Standing There
3. Twist and Shout
4. Long Tall Sally
5. From Me To You
6. She Loves You
7. This Boy
8. I Want To Hold Your Hand
9. Twist and Shout

Recorded at the Olympia, Paris for ORTF Radio Tracks 1 – 4:16th Jan 1964; Tracks 5 – 9 19th Jan 1964.

Side Two:
1. Reuters Newsreel (Roll Over Beethoven/From Me To You/I Want To Hold Your Hand/She Loves You/Long Tall Sally)
2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
3. This Boy
4. All My Loving
5. Money
6. Twist And Shout
7. Interview 14th Jan
8. Interview 16th Jan
9. Interview 24th Jan

Track 1 recorded at the Cinema Cyrano, Versailles for Reuters 15th Jan 1964. Tracks 2 - 6 recorded at the London Palladium for ATV 12th Jan 1964