Crooked Oak

From Little Acorns Grow (Reissue)

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Quite traditional folk, but magically so. Crooked Oak is one of the very few folk bands who imbued their songs with mystery, power and grandeur. The combination of Steve Evans’ sonorous voice and haunting irish pipes convert the songs into a beautiful mystical experience. It might compare to the stunning ‘Wild and Beautiful’ by Silly Wizard, with that same captivating majesty of form. Very rare, the late great record dealer and collector Walter Geertsen, one of the founding dealers who helped shape the progressive rock market, considered this lp as one of his personal favourites, alongside COB - Moyshe Mc Stiff and John St Field-Control.

Very different lps, but all with moments of aching, dark melancholia. So to describe Crooked Oak as ‘acid folk’ or whatever would be misleading, instead it is a deep, profound and beautiful work of art, lifted by superb vocals and wrapped in a sense of mystery. The band channel the music, tradition, heritage, and the magic that still courses through Sainted Albion’s blood soaked lands. In that sense it sits alongside Spriguns of Tolgus and Stone Angel as one of the most beautiful folk albums of all time. Steve Evans, the main force, died after living in Africa a few years ago.


A1 Hold The Lantern High
A2 Jimmy Clay
A3 Lord Inchyquinn. Fairmoyne Lasses, Sporting Paddy
A4 The Morning Lies Heavy On Me
A5 Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
A6 The Morning Dew And The Oak Tree

B1 Cold Hard Town
B2 The Village Fool
B3 Kilfonora Jig
B4 Green Mountain Home
B5 Air; Song Of The Lonesome Boatman