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Originally released in 2008 just as Jóhann’s star was rising in the world of modern composition, Fordlândia is a beautiful meld of strings and electronics, with two themes running throughout; “This album is like a film with two separate story lines that at first don´t seem to have a lot to do with each other, but actually they do,” said Jóhann at the time.

The idea of failed utopias is the main thread, with the album’s title is a reference to the Fordlândia rubber plantation in Brazil that Henry Ford built with grand plans in the mid-1920s but abandoned after a mere eight years at a huge cost and without a single tire for one of his cars having been produced. 


Fordlandia 13:43
Melodia (i) 1:56
The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!) 6:25
Melodia (ii) 1:49
Fordlandia - Aerial View 4:33
Melodia (iii) 3:12
Chimaerica 3:23
Melodia (iv) 2:45
The Great God Pan Is Dead 4:56
Melodia (Guidelines For A Propulsion Device Based On Heim's Quantum Theory) 9:04
How We Left Fordlandia 15:25