Five Day Rain

Five Day Rain

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Enigmatic psychedelic proto-prog act Five Day Rain were formed in Sussex in the late 1960s by guitarist Rick Sharpe and bassist Clive Shepherd of Iron Prophet and keyboardist Graham Maitland, who had been in Fleur Des Lys. This mythic self-titled debut has pop harmonies from all three members, the prog spiced with shades of blues, yet somehow only 15 acetates were cut before a dispute quashed the project.


Side 1
1. "Good Year"
2. "Too Much Of Nothing" (Full version)
3. "Dont' Be Misled"
4. "The Boy"
5. "Lay Me Down"
6. "Rough Cut Marmalade" (bonus track)

Side 2
1. "Wanna Make Love To You"
2. "So Don't Worry"
3. "Reason Why"
4. "Antonia"
5. "Leave It At That"