Ty Segall

First Taste

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"First Taste" is an introspective set after the extroversions of "Freedom’s Goblin" — yet just as steeped in party beats somehow, even as Ty trails through his back pages, reflecting on family, re-encountering pasts, anticipating futures.

Ty’s creative juices suggested that "First Taste" be written and executed with some radical new instrumentation — koto, recorder, bouzouki, harmonizer, mandolin, saxophones and brass, voices, and sure, a sprinkling of keys.
1 Taste

2 Whatever

3 Ice Plant

4 The Fall

5 I Worship The Dog

6 The Arms

7 When I Met My Parents (Part 1)

8 I Sing Them

9 When I Met My Parents (Part 3)

10 Radio

11 Self Esteem

12 Lone Cowboys