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First Love

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Emmy's debut album "First Love" gets a re-issue to mark it's 10th anniversary.

Emerging as part of the early-2000’s London singer-songwriter boom, she soon established herself as
an original voice, her songs made of long, lyric-heavy stories wrapped around acoustic guitars barely played in
tune. First Love, recorded in Lancashire in the late spring of 2008 and released the following February, came to
soundtrack an innocent age of early Internet. A break-up album, it channeled a young woman’s heartache
through fictional vignettes, set against pastoral scenes - an imagined English landscape, green and hopeful that
Moss describes as ‘the England of my dreams’.
1. MIA
2. Absentee
3. The Easter Parade pt 2
4. 24
5. We Almost Had a Baby
6. Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe
7. The Easter Parade

8. Everything Reminds Me of You

9. Dylan

10. City Song

11. On the Museum Island

12. War

13. First Love