The Interrupters

Fight the Good Fight

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Four rebels from LA who know exactly what they're doing. Fight and party. The Interrupters are four Los Angeles rebels, welded together by the spirit of punk, rock, skas and 2 tones. They make energetic rock'n'roll, which is equally catchy and provocative. Her third album, Fight The Good Fight", was produced by Rancids Tim Armstrong. On it, frontwoman Aimee Interrupter and the three brothers guitarist Kevin, bassist Justin and drummer Jesse Bivona beat out twelve songs dedicated to such delicate themes as family and friendship, war and loyalty. With bouncing rocksteady rhythms and growling guitar melodies, they combine the joy of life and anger about social conditions. The unstoppable energy of their live shows and the feeling of an almost familiar coexistence with their fans make The Interrupters a pretty unique event. With Green Day and Rancid they toured the world and played huge festivals all the way to Coachella. According to Kevin Bivona, every gig for the band is like their own party. This is supposed to be the case again this summer when she does what she likes to do at a number of international festivals: fighting and celebrating.

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