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Formed in London in 1965 their name, Small Faces was particularly appropriate. All were mods, for whom the term ‘face’ meant someone to check out for what they were wearing, listening to, reading etc. And you guessed it, with the exception of their original keyboardist, Jimmy Winston, Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane and Kenney Jones were all were under 5’5” tall. Needless to say Jimmy was subsequently replaced in 1966 by Ian McLagan who literally ‘fitted’ the bill being under.

Progress was swift with rehearsals in a pub in Manor Park quickly leading to one-off shows in the capital, which is how future star Elkie Brooks got to hear them and so taken was she by lead singer Steve Marriot’s vocals, recommended them to an agent. They never looked back and after subsequently securing a management contract with Don Arden, a deal with Decca followed and lead to their debut single What’Cha Gonna Do About It in the autumn of 1965. It rose to No.14 on the UK charts, whilst the follow up in Feb 1966, Sha-La-La-La-Lee climbed to No.3. However both were cover versions and Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane were keen to push the songs they’d been writing together. 3rd single Hey Girl saw the label back them and in return achieve a UK top 10 but it was Marriott and Lane’s penned All Or Nothing in August ‘66 that proved the game changer, reaching the UK No.1 spot that autumn.

Over the next 2 years they would rarely be away from the singles and album charts. Single hits included My Mind’s Eye (UK No.4), Itchycoo Park (UK No.3), Lazy Sunday (UK No.2) and Tin Soldier (UK No.9) whilst their debut long player for Decca hit No.3 in the album charts, the official follow-up for Immediate No.12 and the subsequent Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake the No.1 spot in the summer of 1968.

On the surface things couldn’t have been better as 1968 played out but pressures within the band had been building for some time and after a New Year’s Eve show Marriott quit and subsequently went on to form Humble Pie. Lane, McLagan and drummer Kenney Jones would subsequently join forces with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood and become The Faces.

Kenney Jones is sadly now the only surviving member of the band. He still occasionally plays with Rod and Ronnie in the Faces and has kindly contributed to both the track listing and artwork for this release for which we are very grateful.

You’ll find all the Small Faces singles together with key album tracks and rarities across the 3CDs here. Enjoy…


Disc 1
1. All Or Nothing - Small Faces
2. What'cha Gonna Do About It - Small Faces
3. Grow Your Own - Small Faces
4. Sha La La La Lee - Small Faces
5. Hey Girl - Small Faces
6. Own Up Time - Small Faces
7. I've Got Mine - Small Faces
8. You Better Believe It - Small Faces
9. Don't Stop What You're Doing - Small Faces
10. Plum Nellie - Small Faces
11. You Need Loving - Small Faces
12. My Way of Giving - Small Faces
13. Almost Grown - Small Faces
14. What's a Matter Baby - Small Faces
15. Understanding - Small Faces
Disc 2
1. My Mind's Eye - Small Faces
2. I Can't Make It - Small Faces
3. I Can't Dance With You - Small Faces
4. Here Come the Nice - Small Faces
5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Small Faces
6. That Man - Small Faces
7. Just Passing - Small Faces
8. Baby Don't You Do It - Small Faces
9. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me - Small Faces
10. It's Too Late - Small Faces
11. I Feel Much Better - Small Faces
12. I'm Only Dreaming - Small Faces
13. Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire - Small Faces
14. Get Yourself Together - Small Faces
15. Wide Eyed Girl On the Wall - Small Faces
16. Don't Burst My Bubble - Small Faces
17. Eddie's Dreaming - Small Faces
Disc 3
1. Itchycoo Park - Small Faces
2. Tin Soldier - Small Faces
3. Red Balloon - Small Faces
4. Lazy Sunday - Small Faces
5. The Universal - Small Faces
6. Afterglow (Of Your Love) - Small Faces
7. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake - Small Faces
8. Rollin' Over - Small Faces
9. Wham Bam Thank You Mam - Small Faces
10. Song of a Baker - Small Faces
11. The Journey - Small Faces
12. Mad John - Small Faces
13. The Hungry Intruder - Small Faces
14. The Autumn Stone - Small Faces
15. Donkey Rides, a Penny, a Glass - Small Faces
16. Green Circles - Small Faces
17. Become Like You - Small Faces