Errol Brown

Dub Expression

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The 1970s saw a growing interest in so called Dub versions, an approach based on deforming, stripping and rebuilding the original tune and came known as dub music. King Tubby along with other dub wizards such as Lee Perry & Prince Jammy, were responsible for this exciting new dimension to Jamaican music. However, most of these dub albums were pressed in very small quantities and disappeared quickly. One of those albums is 'Dub Expression' by Errol Brown and The Revolutionaries. No gimmicks on this one, he uses simple echo and delay, a few vocals sliding in and out, separate instruments floating on top, with respect to the melody of the tunes


1 The Gun Court Dub
2 Ital Stew
3 Super Tracks
4 Dread at the Controls
5 Ghetto Dub
6 Ranking Marshal
7 Down Town Ting
8 Bond Street Rock
9 Melodious Dub
10 Mark Dis Yah Dub