Body Type

EP1 & EP2

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The Sydney indie quartet's first 2 EPs collected on one LP.
"[Body Type is a] fierce ensemble of women who are writing, living and learning how to create together," says the band's bassist and vocalist, Georgia Wilkinson-Derums. "It’s the midnight drive home after Tuesday rehearsal, the multiple parking fines, the post-gig sleep deprived commute to work, the Newtown home we once shared together... ultimately it’s this gutsy/vulnerable/emotional sonic combo platter of four female friends who found each other in this weird and crazy city," adds drummer Cecil Coleman.
Side A
1. Ludlow (Do You Believe In Karma?)
2. Palms
3. Teeth
4. Dry Grass
5. Silver
6. Arrow
Side B
1. Stingray
2. Free To Air
3. UMA
4. Insomnia
5. Sad Wax