The Shamen


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The 5th Shamen album, originally released in 1990 and their first album with Mr C as a member, and the final album with Will Sinnott before his death in 1991.
It was the next stage in their move from psychedelic rock to a more electronic dance sound, featuring music and production from Paul Oakenfold, William Orbit, Graham Massey, Orbital, Evil Eddie Richards, The Beatmasters, Meat Beat Manifesto, Joey Beltram, Tommy Musto, the Irresistible Force and Caspar Pound.

Side A:
1. Human NRG
2. Progen
3. Possible Worlds
Side B:
4. Omega Amigo
5. Evil Is Even (Edit)
Side C:
6. Hyperreal
7. Lightspan
Side D:
8. Make It Mine
9. Oxygen Restrictions
10. Hear Me O My People (Edit)