Chris Carter

Electronic Ambient Remixes One

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Limited 2LP : Violet Coloured Vinyl

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Electronic Ambient Remixes One was originally released in 2000 and includes ambient remixes and reinventions of the album ‘The Space Between’. 

Tracks from this instrumental series have been used internationally in gallery installations, performed at numerous electronic music festivals, featured on TV and radio broadcasts and within Hollywood movie trailers. Electronic Ambient Remixes One is now available for the first time on double violet coloured vinyl as well as CD, download and streaming. 


1 Electrodub2
2 Interloop
3 Maybe
4 Snap
5 Beat
6 Outreach
7 Walkabout
8 Clouds
9 Poptone
10 Electrodub1
11 Slomo
12 Solidit
13 Falling
14 Reprise