Elaborations Of Carbon

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Epic, crushing, and heavy beyond words, Yob has achieved legendary status over the last two decades with their unmatched aesthetic and incredible body of work. Now Elaborations of Carbon, the debut full length that set the stage for the bands singular, organic universe of transcendent doom, is being presented for the first time on vinyl. The enormous volume and pensive, ethereal beauty that Yob would become synonymous with make themselves known across the 6 riveting tracks on Elaborations of Carbon. The album's lineup features Yob founder and heart Mike Scheidt (vocals and guitars), Lowell Iles (bass), and Gabe Morley (drums) and was recorded and mixed by Jeff Olsen (who would go on to become a long time collaborator of Yob's) at Dogwood Recordings in Elmira, OR. Billy Barnett was called upon to make the archival transfer for the 2023 reissue which was mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Music and features completely re-envisioned artwork by Orion Landau.


1 Universe Throb (2023 Remaster)
2 All The Children Forgotten (2023 Remaster)
3 Clear Seeing (2023 Remaster)
4 Revolution (2023 Remaster)
5 Pain Of I (2023 Remaster)
6 Asleep In Samsara (2023 Remaster)