Dream Theater

Distance Over Time

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Deluxe, limited edition box set including:

2CD: The complete album 'Distance Over Time', plus an additional instrumental version CD.

Blu-ray: 5:.1 Surround Sound mix complete with video animations.

DVD: Additional content DVD.

Plus an exclusive, highly detailed artbook.


CD1-1 Untethered Angel 6:14
CD1-2 Paralyzed 4:17
CD1-3 Fall Into The Light 7:04
CD1-4 Barstool Warrior 6:43
CD1-5 Room 137 4:23
CD1-6 S2N 6:21
CD1-7 At Wit's End 9:20
CD1-8 Out Of Reach 4:04
CD1-9 Pale Blue Dot 8:25
CD1-10 Viper King 4:00
Instrumental Versions
CD2-1 Untethered Angel 6:14
CD2-2 Paralyzed 4:17
CD2-3 Fall Into The Light 7:04
CD2-4 Barstool Warrior 6:43
CD2-5 Room 137 4:23
CD2-6 S2N 6:21
CD2-7 At Wit's End 9:20
CD2-8 Out Of Reach 4:04
CD2-9 Pale Blue Dot 8:25
CD2-10 Viper King 4:00
5.1 Mix Video Animations And High-resolution Files
BR-1 Untethered Angel
BR-2 Paralyzed
BR-3 Fall Into The Light
BR-4 Barstool Warrior
BR-5 Room 137
BR-6 S2N
BR-7 At Wit's End
BR-8 Out Of Reach
BR-9 Pale Blue Dot
BR-10 Viper King
Video Animations And High-resolution Files
DVD-1 Untethered Angel
DVD-2 Paralyzed
DVD-3 Fall Into The Light
DVD-4 Barstool Warrior
DVD-5 Room 137
DVD-7 At Wit's End
DVD-8 Out Of Reach
DVD-9 Pale Blue Dot
DVD-10 Viper King