Ida Sand

Do You Hear Me?

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Stockholm. May 2020. Covid restrictions. “It somehow felt as if one of my limbs had been severed. I had a longing to sing, I was missing music so much,” Ida Sand remembers. And her long-term colleague, keyboardist / organist Jesper Nordenström, was going through something very similar. “One day he called me: ‘Let’s meet in my studio and let’s just do something’. Okay, I said, I can try to bring some compositions. We asked some more friends if they wanted to play. It all came from the simple desire finally to be doing again what we all love: making music together. We played four or five pieces and agreed to meet again. I promised I’d bring some new material for the next time, and I did. It was amazingly motivating to be back doing my job...”

The result is ‘Do You Hear Me?’. The album title says it all. It is Ida Sand’s most personal album. She has written all of the songs and produced the album herself. It is an expression of life amid the isolation imposed by the pandemic. The elemental yearning of musicians to play - and to be listened to - stems from somewhere incredibly deep.

Wasted on the Youth
Can You Hear Me Now
Now Is Not the Time
Sweet Child
Too Close for Comfort
Don’t Run Away
Let Go
Go Be With Her