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Limited 10" : Red Vinyl

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Featuiring Fred ‘sonic’ Smith ( MC5), Scott Morgan ( Rationals)  Scott ‘Rock Action’ Asheton (Stooges) & Gary Rasmussen (The Up ) Unaccredited support to The Runaways & The Ramones There has been much talk about this show, did they do it or did they not? Even the remaining band members don’t agree. There is no documentative proof (SRB were not billed as support). Although many shows on this tour, did, have an opening act. We ourselves were advised at the time of our SRB Box set that a tape we were given and advised to include was in fact a recording of the near legendary, if not short, MASONIC Temple gig. We later found out that it was in fact NOT a recording of one whole concert let alone The Masonic Hall, with the exception of ‘City Slang’, which is from the show. We Now have the ‘actual’ recording of the complete  shirt set from that concert So after much speculation and heated discussion this is it all five songs ..


1.Intro Dangerous
2.Song L
3.Sweet Nothin’
4.Electrophonic Tonic
5.City Slang