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Destroyer, his latest, and third for Kranky, marks his most multifaced work yet.

Inspired by minimalist urges (evading grandiosity, condensing scope, embracing spatial restraint) tempered with the drama of triptychs (becoming, destruction, aftermath), the album’s 11 tracks thread a keening suite of aching, opaque beauty, traced in absence and breath.

First begun in the no man’s land summer of 2020, Walter gradually amassed nearly two hours of demos, drafts, and ideas, then steadily whittled them to their essence. Destroyer enlists the sounds of a recently restored pump organ, adding pulses and quaking texture, but otherwise the album is a shimmering showcase of the EVI: miasmic, melodic, intuitive, infinite. It’s music of fraught devotion and uneasy peace, questioning yet languorous, forever rapt and untethered.


1. For Us
2. Radio Contact
3. Transitions
4. Destroyer
5. New Pads
6. Fear 17
7. Cliff the Cloud Catcher
8. 11.27
9. 1002
10. Inner Voices
11. Slow Walkers