BaBa ZuLa

Derin Derin

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BaBa ZuLa, the legendary ensemble from Istanbul, have established themselves over the past two decades as the missing link between Turkish Psych, Krautrock and dub-wise stylings. ”Derin Derin” is the follow-up to their acclaimed retrospective “XX,” and finds the band more experimental and expansive than ever.
Haller Yollar (Ways & Circumstances)

Sahin Iksiri (Falcon Potion)

Kizil Gözlüm (My Scarlet Eyed)

Rüzgarin Akisi Akisi (The Flow Of The Wind)

Salincaksin (U Are The Swing)

Kervan Yolda (Caravan On The Road)

Port Pass


Kurt Kapma (Eagle Gets Wolf)