Dehli 9

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Celebrating 20 years since the original release, Tosca are proud to present this remastered version of cult classic album Dehli 9. Carefully reworked by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, this 2023 master purposely avoids any modern hi-fi tricks and techniques and is committed to the sound of the early 2000's, creating an improved authenticity of the original album.


A1. Oscar feat. Anna Clementi
A2. Me & Yoko Ono feat. Anna Clementi
B1. Gute Laune feat. Tweed
B2. Mango di Bango

C. Wonderful feat. Earl Zinger
D. Every Day & Every Night feat. Sugar B

E. Rolf Royce feat. Stefan Graf Hadik Wildner
F1. Sperl
F2. La Vendeuse des chaussures des femmes