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One of Deep Purple's four indispensable albums (the others being In Rock, Machine Head, and Burn), 1971's Fireball saw the band broadening out from the no-holds-barred hard rock direction of the previous year's cacophonous In Rock. Sure, the following year's Machine Head would provide Deep Purple with their commercial peak, but on Fireball, the formidable quintet was already firing on all cylinders.

180 Gram LP


No No No
Demon's Eye
Anyone's Daughter
The Mule
No One Came
CD Bonus Tracks:
8 Strange Kind Of Woman (Remix 96)
9 I'm Alone
10 Freedom
11 Slow Train
12 Demon's Eye (Remix 96)
13 The Noise Abatement Society Tapes (Medley)
14 Fireball (Take 1)
15 Backwards Piano
16 No One Came (Remix 96)