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Limited LP : Limited edition marbled grey vinyl

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3rd album from Brooklyn's DIIV.

2 years after embarking on a program of recovery, Zachary Cole Smith has emerged with a clear head and renewed focus. Forthe first time, DIIV lived with songs on the road. During a 2018 tour with Deafheaven, they performed eight new compositions as the bulk of the set. The tunes progressed as the players did. By the time DIIV entered 64 Sound to record with producer Sonny Diperri, the band felt a certain confidence.

“We’re proud of this, because we earned it as a band,” Cole says. “I’m really happy and grateful just to do it in the
first place. I can see the change. It’s not a record full of solutions, but I’m living my life. I’ve examined the
consequences of my lies; I’ve got something to say now.”
1. Horsehead
2. Like Before You Were Born
3. Skin Game
4. Honey
5. Taker
6. For the Guilty
7. Lorelai
8. The Spark
9. Blankenship
10. Acheron