Air Formation

Daylight Storms

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Club AC30 are extremely excited to announce a special limited double-vinyl edition of this classic album.
Mastered especially for vinyl by Simon Scott, it will come on two slabs of 180g sunburst red and orange coloured wax, housed in a lovely thick reverse-board gatefold sleeve, with download card.

"Daylight Storms is a collage of almost surreal, swathing noise against a backdrop of choir-like vocals and picturesque melodies."
"To merely label this record as just another shoe-gazing album would be doing both the artist and album in question a great disservice. It would more than likely result in the self-denial of one of the most lavish collections of music your ears will have the pleasure of experiencing all year."
"Daylight Storms doesn't kick off as much as it steadfastly floats into view, like some arcane voyage of discovery that doesn't quite take full effect until anchored, in full regalia, straight in one’s line of sight."

-Dom Gourlay, Drowned In Sound, 16th February 2007


A1 Cold Morning 5:18
A2 Tidal 4:15
A3 Daylight Storms 4:52
B4 I Can't Remember Waking Up 3:55
B5 Into View 4:34
C6 Formation 1 4:33
C7 You Have To Go Somewhere 6:30
D8 Adrift 3:20
D9 The Dark Has Fallen 5:41
D10 Before We Forget 7:37