Day Of The Gusano

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3LP + DVD Slipkno

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Live in Mexico


Live In Mexico Concert
LP-A1 Sarcastrophe
LP-A2 The Heretic Anthem
LP-A3 Psychosocial
LP-B1 The Devil In I
LP-B2 Me Inside
LP-B3 Vermilion
LP-C1 Wait And Bleed
LP-C2 Prosthetics
LP-C3 Before I Forget
LP-D1 Eeyore
LP-D2 Duality
LP-D3 Custer
LP-E1 Spit It Out
LP-E2 Metabolic / 742617000027
LP-E3 (Sic)
LP-F1 People = Shit
LP-F2 Surfacing / Til We Die
Day Of The Gusano Movie
DVD-1 Sarcastrophe
DVD-2 Eeyore
DVD-3 Custer
DVD-4 (Sic)
DVD-5 Me Inside
DVD-6 Psychosocial
DVD-7 Duality
DVD-8 Before I Forget
DVD-9 The Devil In I
DVD-10 Vermilion
DVD-11 Prosthetics
DVD-12 Metabolic / 742617000027
DVD-13 Spit It Out
DVD-14 The Heretic Anthem
DVD-15 Wait And Bleed
DVD-16 Surfacing / Til We Die