Robert Forster

Danger In The Past

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2020 sees the thirtieth anniversary of the album that launched the solo career of sometime Go-Betweens frontman Robert Forster. Upon its release ‘Danger In The Past’ met with universal acclaim from critics, even drawing comparison with Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood On The Tracks’ in some quarters. To mark this milestone, Needle Mythology will be reissuing expanded versions of both Danger In The Past and its 1992 successor ‘Calling From A Country Phone’. For Danger In The Past, Robert recorded in Berlin with an illustrious ensemble that included Bad Seeds alumni Mick Harvey (producer, multi-instrumentalist), Hugo Race (guitar) and Thomas Wydler (drums).


1. Baby Stones

2. The River People

3. Leave Here Satisfied

4. Heart Out To Tender

5. Is This What You Call Change

6. Dear Black Dream

7. Danger In The Past

8. I've Been Looking for Somebody

9. Justice

10. The Land That Time Forgot

11. Falling Star (Original)

Bonus 7”

1. The Land That Time Forgot

2. Falling Star (Original)