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To the pop buying public Van McCoy is known for his 1975 Grammy Award-winning chart-topper “The Hustle”, after which he sadly died of a heart attack in 1979 at the age of only 39. To rare soul fans Van McCoy is a hero: THE most prolific writer and producer of Northern Soul of all time, working with a host of legendary artists including Kendra Spotswood (aka Sandi Sheldon) with whom he had a five-year relationship.

"Dancin" was originally released in 1976, although all the ten original songs were recorded much earlier,circa 1968-69. With its kitsch cover and out-of-kilter track list, copies soon filtered through to the UK and into the hands of club DJ’s at Wigan Casino with perhaps “Help Is On The Way” becoming the stand-out track.
The Van McCoy Strings “Sweet And Easy”

The Van McCoy Strings “If I Could Make You Mine”

Van McCoy & Friends “The Generation Gap”

Van McCoy & Friends “Help Is On The Way”

Van McCoy & Friends “What Kind Of Man”

Van McCoy & Friends “The Woman Who Made Me A Man”

Van McCoy & Friends “Just Another Dress Rehearsal”

Van McCoy & Friends “With All My Heart”

Van McCoy & Friends “Ain’t Got No Love”

Van McCoy & Friends “Back Trackin’ “

Van McCoy & Friends “Ain’t Got No Love” (Instrumental Version)