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Limited LP : Red Vinyl

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

*Vinyl Release Date 21/01/2022*

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BURNING THE OPPRESSOR is a group founded in 2012 by passionate musicians with different influences and armed with remarkable stage dynamism. With intense texts and brutal riffs, BTO puts into words and sounds the trials of modern life and the sufferings of a society in turmoil. Militant in favor of social equity and the inclusion of all people, the band denounces discrimination and oppression through its work

  1. Cannibal K
  2. The Oppressor
  3. Martyrize
  4. Black Eye
  5. Wrongdoers Of The Seas
  6. Crackhead
  7. Damnation
  8. Darkest Moonlight (Feat. Frank Duff)
  9. Seven Generations (Feat. Black Bear Singers)
  10. Infamous Human Beast
  11. Insanity
  12. Warrior (Feat. Simon Girard)