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Featuring Buster Williams (bass), Ndugu (drums), Bill Henderson (keys) and Oscar Breashear (trumpet) the album was recorded at a crucial time when Land was shifting to a more spiritual sound. 'Damisi',is a superb mix of funk and modal jazz, comprising five extended tracks. It kicks off with the up- tempo post-bop 'Step Right Up to the Bottom' before switching to the slow burning funk of 'In The Back In The Corner, In the Dark' showcasing Buster Williams' formidable bassline and Ndugu's funk chops. Side one closing track "Pakistan", is a beautifully serene tribute to the country, full of Eastern infuences and features Landin refective mood, on Oboe. Side two opens with 'Chocolate Mess', a muscular funk groove penned by Ndugu Chancler. 'Damisi, title track and nine minute closing track alternates slower sequences with more urgent funkier passages.


1. Damisi
2. Chocolate Mess
3. Pakistan
4. In The Back In The Corner In The Dark
5. Step Right Up to the Bottom