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Dance Dance Lady / Sure Shot | Think Positive

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Robinsongs present three Crown Heights Affair albums "Dance Lady Dance", "Sure Shot" and "Think Positive" on a double CD release. The package is packed full of Dance & Disco classics from the late Seventies & early Eighties. "Dance Lady Dance", kicks this package off with the title track, a Top 20 R&B Hit and also features 'Come Fly With Me' which was the natural follow up to 'Galaxy Of Love'. 'Sure Shot', featured the UK Top 10 Smash 'You Gave Me Love' and also features the tracks 'Sure Shot' and 'I See The Light'. Disc Two is the 'Think Positive' album in its entirety and kicks off with the single 'Somebody Tell Me What To Do', a classic Crown Heights Affair track. This album also features 'Love Rip Off'. The package features sleeve notes by Christian John Wikane, who interviewed William Anderson of Crown Heights Affair specifically for this package.


Dance Lady Dance
1-1 Dance Lady Dance
1-2 The Rock Is Hot
1-3 Number One Woman
1-4 Come Fly With Me
1-5 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
1-6 Empty Soul Of Mine

Sure Shot
1-7 You Gave Me Love
1-8 I Don’t Want To Change You
1-9 Sure Shot
1-10 You’ve Been Gone
1-11 I See The Light
1-12 Use Your Body & Soul
2-1 Tell Me You Love Me

Think Positive
2-2 Somebody Tell Me What To Do
2-3 Love Rip Off
2-4 Heart Upside Down
2-5 Think Positive
2-6 I Got Somethin’ For Ya
2-7 Wine And Dine You
2-8 Your Love Makes Me Hot
2-9 Let Me Ride On The Waves Of Your Love