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Cripta Blue

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Limited LP : Red Vinyl

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Italy’s up and coming power rock trio Cripta Blue were formed in 2019 by members of bands like Desert Wizard, Rising Dark and Talismanstone.

Being no strangers to the heavy music scene, the trio skilfully play an enthralling and vibrant blend of dark though funky and fuzzy psych rock, jamming heavy power blues and a remarkable primordial sound of NWOBHM doom.

Blues‘ debut full-album has the psychedelic mood you can’t help but to dive into, with gloomy lyrics and the hint of a cult horror classic. The baritone vocals of frontman and bassist Andrea Giuliani are shrouded by acid and fuzz rock soundscapes, full of
power blues and with the soul of doom.


Mourning Pyre
Magickal Ride
Creepy Eyes
Spectral Highway
Death Wheelers
A Space Tale