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Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mondo Cane) and renowned French composer Jean-Claude Vannier, who is perhaps best known for his work with Serge Gainsbourg, release Corpse Flower, a 12-song album featuring the song “On Top Of The World”.

“Jean-Claude and I met while working together on a Gainsbourg retrospective at the Hollywood Bowl in 2011,” explains Patton. “We bonded immediately. I could see he had a dedication and attention to detail that was relentless so the respect I had for him in my mind was magnified in person. We spoke loosely about working together in the future… and it took some time, but after a few years I contacted him and we began to ignite some sparks.”
1 Ballade C.3.3.

2 Camion

3 Chansons D'Amour

4 Cold Sun, Warm Beer

5 Browning

6 Hungry Ghost

7 Corpse Flower

8 Insolubles

9 On Top Of The World

10 Yard Bull

11 A Schoolgirl's Day

12 Pink and Bleue