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London Is The Place For Me 7 & 8

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Presenting the music of the Windrush generation: the post-war, London recordings of West Indians and West Africans, in the first wave of modern migration to Britain.

Volume 7 - Calypso, Palm-Wine, Mento, Joropo, Steel & Stringband overflows with diverse musical styles, including steel band, stringband, calypso, joropo and mento.
Volume 8 - Lord Kitchener In England 1948-1962 is devoted to the great calypsonian Lord Kitchener.


Vol 7:

Lord Beginner - Sons And Daughters Of Africa
The Lion - Royal Wedding
The Mighty Terror - The Hydrogen Bomb
Dai Dai Simba - Modern Telephone
Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos - Wa Sise
The Mighty Terror - The Emperor Of Africa
Louise Bennett - Bongo Man
Marie Bryant - My Handy Man
Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Tortoise Mambo
Calypso Rhythm Kings - Boul Ve Se
The Mighty Terror - Life Is Like A Puzzle
The Mighty Terror - Chinese Children
Bill Rogers - Hungry Man From Clapham
Lili Verona - Underground Train
The Lion - Highway Code
Billy Sholanke - Kana Kana
Calypso Rhythm Kings - L’Ann e Pass e
Lord & Lady Beginner - One Morning
West African Rhythm Brothers - Ema Foju Ana Woku
Trinidad Steel Band - Caroline

Vol 8:

Carnival Road March
No More Taxi
Mango Tree
Food From The West Indies
Alphonso In Town
Come Back In The Morning
Too Late Kitch
Constable Joe
Pirates Of Paria
Carnival In Town
Is Trouble
If You Brown
Life Begins At Forty
Manchester Football Double
The Denis Compton Calypso
Mistress Jacob
London Is The Place For Me
Tie Tongue
Dora (Meet Me At The Pawnshop)
If You’re Not White You’re Black
Africa My Home
Kitch In The Jungle