Chico Buarque


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The 1971 album from Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, playwright, writer and poet Chico Buarque.  The album's implicit criticism of the ruling Brazilian military dictatorship was greeted by the regime's opponents as an important cultural and socio-political statement, released as it was during the dictatorship's most repressive period.

Often hailed as one of the greatest Brazilian albums of all-time, the album surprisingly was not banned by the ruling dictatorship, partly for it's popularity and the way Buarque disguised his criticisms in such melodic beauty and lyrical obliqueness.
Deus Lhe Pague 3:20
Cotidiano 2:50
Desalento 2:50
Construção 6:30
Cordão 2:35
Olha Maria 3:57
Samba De Orly 2:40
Valsinha 2:00
Minha História 3:05
Acalanto 1:40