Complete Oblivion - The Oblivion Express Box Set

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Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express was the phoenix that rose from the ashes of sixties combo The Trinity. Fusing R&B, jazz, soul and funk, keyboard maestro Brian Auger created a new breed of music that took the US and the UK by storm. Auger’s unique experimentation culminated in rhythm-infused jazz funk that united Black and white ’70s audiences. The 6 studio albums that make up Complete Oblivion illustrate the group’s diverse musical influences and progression, from the 1970 self titled debut’s heavy jazz-rock to the jazz fusion, latin and disco tinged Reinforcements from 1975 - this process no doubt powered by the groups’ evolving line up, which included guitarists Jim Mullen and Jack Mills, drummers Robbie McIntosh & Steve Ferrone, bassists Barry Dean and Clive Chaman and vocalist Alex Ligertwood. The musical highlights within Complete Oblivion are many, but particular highlights to mention have to be Total Eclipse (Oblivion Express), Fill Your Head With Laugher (A Better Land), the blistering cover of Eddie Harris’ Freedom Jazz Dance (Second Wind), the Barry Dean composition Whenever You're Ready, the version of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues (Closer To It), Beginning Again (Straight Ahead) and the mind bending keyboard tour de force Brain Damage (Reinforcements). Given the groups legendary status among fellow musicians such as Zucchero and Herbie Hancock, DJ’s like Kenny Dope and Gilles Peterson and Auger’s legion of fans worldwide - that mission was fully accomplished - or to put it another way, in the words of super fans The Beastie Boys: “Those who remain oblivious to the obvious delights of Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express do so at their own risk!”


Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
A1/01 Dragon Song
A2/02 Total Eclipse
A3/03 The Light
B1/04 On The Road
B2/05 The Sword
B3/06 Oblivion Express
A Better Land

A1/01 Dawn Of Another Day
A2/02 Marai's Wedding
A3/03 Trouble
A4/04 Women Of The Seasons
B1/05 Fill Your Head With Laughter
B2/06 On Thinking It Over
B3/07 Tomorrow City
B4/08 All The Time There Is
B5/09 A Better Land
Second Wind
A1/01 Truth
A2/02 Don't Look Away
A3/03 Somebody Help Us
B1/04 Freedom Jazz Dance
B2/05 Just Me Just You
B3/06 Second Wind
Closer To It!

A1/01 Whenever You're Ready
A2/02 Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
A3/03 Light On The Path
B1/04 Compared To What
B2/05 Inner City Blues
B3/06 Voices Of Other Times
Straight Ahead
A1/01 Beginning Again
A2/02 Bumpin' On Sunset
B1/03 Straight Ahead
B2/04 Change
B3/05 You'll Stay In My Heart
A1/01 Brain Damage
A2/02 Thoughts From Afar
A3/03 Foolish Girl
B1/04 The Big Yin
B2/05 Plum
B3/06 Something Out Of Nothing
B4/07 Future Pilot