Commercial Break

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Limited LP : Indies Exclusive Grey Vinyl

LP : Standard White Vinyl

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Blancmange are set to release a new album, Commercial Break - their 14th - which explores acoustic textures and field recordings within their synthesiser exoskeleton. Co-produced by Benge and mixed at his Memetune Studios in Cornwall, the album includes the following sounds within the songs, so listen out for . . . Two electric saws; Waves breaking on beach; People talking/moving (indistinct words); A dishwasher; Ambient mic recording to pick up background noise;Close mic recording to collect the body noise of guitar; Bird song (-2 octaves); Metal gate closing and metal gate locking; Beach with people and waves breaking; Old water pump.

"Listening to Blancmange obsessively. Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time."

"Blancmange have been a part of the soundtrack to my life ever since 'Happy Families' was released."
John Grant

“They were one of my favourite Bands when I grew up as a teenager in the 80’s. Listening to their music walking around with my Walkman back then was adventurous. Mainly because I was already in love with the aesthetics of synthesisers and drum machines. But also because it was unusual pop music with an extraordinary energy that made it in the charts."
Roman Flügel

1. Share Out The Light
2. Endless Posts
3. This A State
4. Commercial Break
5. Dog Walk In A Cloud
6. Empty Street
7. Strictly Platonic
8. On A Ride
9. Duo
10. Long Way Road
11. Looking After Aliens