Cold Fact

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The now-classic debut album from Sixto Rodriguez, originally released in the USA in 1970, and sinking without trace.

The album gained attention in South Africa and Australia over the next decade, eventually reaching #23 on the Australian album chart 8 years after it's release. By 1998, "Cold Fact" reached platinum sales in South Africa and was an incredible quintuple-platinum seller down under, but Rodriguez remained largely unknown in the west.

However, U.S. label Light In The Attic re-issued the album in 2008 and it eventually found the wider success it deserved, leading to an Oscar-winning documentary film "Searching for The Sugar Man" in 2012.

    1. Sugar Man

    1. Only Good For Conversation

    1. Crucify Your Mind

    1. This Is Not a Song, It’s an Outburst

    1. Hate Street Dialogue

    1. Forget It

    1. Inner City Blues

    1. I Wonder

    1. Like Janis

    1. Gomorrah (A Nursery Rhyme)

    1. Rich Folks Hoax

    1. Jane S. Piddy