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Cobra Verde

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The original soundtrack “COBRA VERDE” (1987) to Werner Herzog's historical film drama, based on the novel by Bruce Chatwin and starring Klaus Kinski, was nominated for an Oscar Academy Award. The arrangements feature several layered orchestral, oratorio-like chants and choirs accompanied by Fricke's piano and Fichelscher's guitar and percussion, made in collaboration with the Bavarian State Opera Chorus, among others. With the two synthesizer tracks "Nachts:Schnee" and "Eine andere Welt", Popol Vuh ventured away from their signature sound somewhat, finding two fantastically dramatic and darkly beautiful epic ambient soundscapes. "COBRA VERDE" became an extraordinary milestone in the history of soundtracks as well as an atmospheric ambient score.


Der Tod des Cobra Verde
Nachts: Schnee
Der Marktplatz
Eine andere Welt
Grab der Mutter
Om Mani Padme Hum 4*
Sieh nicht überm Meer ist's
Hab Mut, bis dass die Nacht mit Ruh' und Stille kommt
Om Mani Padme Hum 4