Martin Rev

Clouds Of Glory

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The 2nd solo album from one half of legendary electronic punks Suicide, originally released in 1985.

Some of the music was recorded after the making of the excellent 2nd Suicide album in 1981, and was eventually finished in 1984.

In spite of "Clouds Of Glory" having been recorded with the same equipment as the Alan Vega / Martin Rev Suicide album, it occupies a completely different space, evoking the solemnity of religious music through its underlying meditative tone. “I look now upon the album as part of a personal journey into the frontier of music; a process which is never ending in its revealing of possibilities to satisfy my musical aspirations.”
1 Rocking Horse (5:45)

2 Parade (6:45)

3 Whisper (4:04)

4 Rodeo (6:37)

5 Metatron (6:25)

6 Clouds Of Glory (6:22)