Strange As Angels

Chrystabell Sings The Cure

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Post-Punk, New Wave, Goth - for over four decades The Cure created alternative music so powerful that it redefined the mainstream. They didn’t just master genres, they transcended them. Throughout these varied styles the group maintained an aesthetic continuity, creating a world so vast and mysterious that there’s room for other artists to explore it.

And explore it he does on Strange as Angels, Marc Collin’s new collection of reinvented Cure songs, sung by the ethereal Chrystabell. Produced, arranged and conceived by Nouvelle Vague co-founder Marc Collin, he has again woven repertoire, performance, and his uniquely forged arranging aesthetic into something authentically new.



1.Three Imaginary Boys

2.Seventeen Seconds

3.A Forest

4.The Drowning Man

5.Charlotte Sometimes

6.One Hundred Years


1. The Walk - Strange As Angels

2. Dressing Up - Strange As Angels

3. A Night Like This - Strange As Angels

4. Just Like Heaven - Strange As Angels

5. Lullaby - Strange As Angels

6. Friday I'm In Love - Strange As Angels

7. Lost - Strange As Angels