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Chronicle: Prologue EP

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Hot on the heels of their debut full length album, Mountain Caller return with a new EP, Chronicle: Prologue, the follow up and conceptual prequel to their debut Chronicle I: The Truthseeker.

That album was released to wide acclaim, as well as a passionate response from an already devoted fanbase. Metal Hammer: “A dazzling blend of doom, post-metal, and atmospheric rock" // Bandcamp: "the sheer variety of textures and moods help these songs feel more truly cinematic than most metal that earns that tag." // Chronicle: Prologue gives further depth and insight into the conceptual story that embodies their output, as well as their own musical journey.

Recorded alongside the debut album, Prologue’s tracks consist of the very earliest material written by the band. Opener Something Stirred From Underneath The Rubble was the true genesis of the band’s dynamic mix of heavy, expansive and progressive metal. It’s the culmination of three distinct musical voices collaborating and letting the music lead them, without aiming for any specific genre. Beyond This Black Horizon follows, a live fan-favourite and the band’s love letter to the riff. Stripped Of All But Purpose closes, with the band exploring the widest ranges of their soundscapes and heaviness, while providing some of the most fist-pumpingly metal moments of their career.

These tracks highlight the band’s fundamental make up of ambition, passion, and sheer love for creation. Conceptually, Prologue leads right up to the events of The Truthseeker. We catch our first glimpse of The Protagonist awakening under the rubble of a great fallen city, and setting forth on an oceanic voyage. After a battle that seemingly claims her life, she regains consciousness on a beach, shipwrecked and rocked by waves of sea and trauma.

The band conjure Mastodon expanses of sound melded with Sabbathian riffs, all executed with Tool-like wizardry. With the EP seamlessly leading into the debut album, the band want listeners to consume one after the other, creating one cohesive hour-plus journey. Chronicle: Prologue is a chance to more fully understand the identity of the band and to explore the world they’ve summoned.


Side A
1. Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble
Side B
1. Beyond This Black Horizon
2. Stripped Of All But Purpose