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The 3rd album from one half of legendary electronic punks Suicide, originally released in 1991, but containing recordings going back to 1980.

Features instrumental versions of tracks from the excellent Suicide album.

“Most of the album was recorded in 1980, but the remaining few tracks from 1988 into the early 90’s. The 80’s tracks all went under a concerted editing process, to make them work for me even better as instrumentals. I didn’t get around to that until there was an offer to release them, which was in the early 90’s as well.”

1 Wings Of The Wind (7:58)

2 Red Sierra (6:36)

3 Dakota (2:58)

4 Cheyenne (3:09)

5 River Of Tears (3:49)

6 Buckeye (2:15)

7 Little Rock (7:00)

8 Prairie Star (2:27)

9 Mustang (2:40)