The Chemical Brothers

Come With Us

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If anyone's suffering from new-year blues, Come With Us will shake them out of their narcolepsy. This fantastic album roars out of the starting blocks like a supercharged dragster, blowing up a heady fume of hip-hop techno flavoured with the Chemical's new found post-rave happiness. Their fourth album shows all the passion of their earlier works coupled with a sophistication beyond the mere wish to knock people's musical heads off. Impressively after over six years of making music and touring they've lost none of their enthusiasm. In fact their longevity seems to inspire them to greater achievement in a field that traditionally feeds off the new, the novel and the young


1 Come With Us
2 It Began In Afrika
3 Galaxy Bounce
4 Star Guitar
5 Hoops
6 My Elastic Eye
7 The State We're In
8 Denmark
9 Pioneer Skies
10 The Test