The Divine Comedy

Charmed Life - The Best Of The Divine Comedy

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Limited 2LP : Coloured Vinyl

2LP : Standard Black Vinyl

Deluxe 3CD : Includes “Super Extra Bonus Album” - a collection of new and unreleased recordings

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Since adopting the Divine Comedy name in 1989, Neil Hannon has proven himself as one of the UK’s greatest songwriting talents. Each track on this career-spanning compilation oozes with a signature charm, from Hannon’s lyrical wit to the often breathtaking arrangements accompanying it.

Tracks such as “National Express” and “Something For The Weekend” have become certified modern classics, while also included are somewhat underrated tracks such as “The Certainty of Chance” and “Becoming More Like Alfie” which, despite being singles, deserve to be hailed as some of 90’s pop’s best moments.

This is a superb collection for one of the finest musical names of the past 35 years.

  1. Charmed Life
  2. National Express
  3. Norman And Norma
  4. Something For The Weekend
  5. Songs Of Love
  6. The Best Mistakes
  7. At The Indie Disco
  8. Bad Ambassador
  9. A Lady Of A Certain Age
  10. Becoming More Like Alfie
  11. Come Home Billy Bird
  12. Have You Ever Been In Love
  13. Our Mutual Friend
  14. Generation Sex
  15. How Can You Leave Me On My Own
  16. Perfect Lovesong
  17. Your Daddy’s Car
  18. You'll Never Work In This Town Again
  19. Absent Friends
  20. Everybody Knows (Except You)
  21. The Certainty Of Chance
  22. Sunrise
  23. To The Rescue
  24. Tonight We Fly

Bonus (Deluxe 3CD Only)

  1. I’ll Take What I Can Get
  2. Don’t Make Me Go Outside
  3. Who Do You Think You Are
  4. The Adventurous Type
  5. When When When
  6. Home For The Holidays
  7. Te Amo España
  8. Perfect Lovesong 2021
  9. Simple Pleasures
  10. Those Pesky Kids