Minami Deutsch

Can't Get There EP

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Limited 12" : Picture disc

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Listening to this, the second Minami Deutsch release on HNR, you get the feeling of leaving half your brain in a Volkswagen down an endless Autobahn in 1972, and one-half lost in the astral plane as boundless light, above space and time. On this EP, you hear all that you love and miss from the 70’s krautrock bands plus a cover of cult band Index’s song “Israeli Blues” from 1968. Also on this record are two remixes of the title track by Jamie Paton and Mythologen.
1/Can’t Get There

2/Israeli Blues

3/Nishi No Jiku

4/Can’t Get There (Mythologen Remix)

5/Can’t Get There ( Jamie Paton Remix)