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Strikes Back: The Sound Of Studio One [VINYL]

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The Sound of Studio One can be identified by the great singers that it
cultivated alongside the many great songs that these singers released.
But as Studio 1’s dominance was slowly pulled away by the up and
coming new breed of producers many of the artists would inevitable
end up working for these new camps and so the songs and singers
found a new audience. The reggae sound of the early 1970’s alongside
the timeless sound of Studio 1 would make a great combination and
the man to pull this together was Bunny Lee.

The 1960’s in Jamaica was run by two main factions Coxsonne’s Studio 1
and Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle. These two leading protagonists saw what
some of the other great Sound System men like ‘Tom The Great Sebastian’
had not taken on board, that when the tunes that they imported began to
dry up from the USA, their future lied in producing music. Tunes that suited
the musical styles that the people of Jamaica still enjoyed. By the late 1960’s
this supremacy was being challenged by the up and coming new producers
on the scene, Lee Perry being one and the other being the “Ghost of the
Studio’s’’ himself Bunny Lee. Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee may have inherited the
moniker ‘Striker’ from his liking of a particular TV show called
“The Hitch – Hiker”, but it would soon stand also for the considerable
hits he would obtain as he was declared producer of the year in Jamaica
in 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972.

For this release we have compiled many of the great Studio 1 hits that
Bunny Lee recorded with the singers that had originally cut at the famed
Studio 1. Bunny Lee sprinkling a little magic over some classic tunes…
the sound of Studio 1 backed up this time with Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee’s set
of star musicians The Aggrovators. Proving you can’t keep a good tune
down or a great producer pushing forward….

Bunny Lee strikes back…..


A1 Dennis Brown– Party Time
A2 John Holt– Fancy Make Up
A3 Alton Ellis– Can I Change Your Mind
A4 Jackie Edwards– Mean Girl
A5 Delroy Wilson– Once Upon A Time
A6 Ken Boothe– Moving Away
A7 Delroy Wilson– Dancing Mood
B1 Horace Andy– The Love Of A Woman
B2 John Holt– Man Next Door (Got To Get Away)
B3 Pat Kelly– Those Guys
B4 Jackie Edwards– I'm Still Waiting
B5 Cornell Campbell & The Eternals– Why Birds Follow Spring
B6 Johnny Clarke– Soul And Inspiration
B7 Delroy Wilson– Riding For A Fall