Mako & Seba

Brotherhood / Stockholm Syndrome

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In a union of drum and bass talent at its most authentic, MAKO and SEBA have joined forces to deliver a long-awaited and highly anticipated collaborative single titled "Brotherhood" and "Stockholm Syndrome." These tracks were initially started when SEBA visited MAKO in 2019 and showcase the synergy and creative prowess of both artists.

"Brotherhood" sets the tone for this momentous release as MAKO and SEBA combine their unique styles and sonic signatures to create a track that embodies the essence of Drum & Bass in its purest form. Crushing amen breaks over dystopian themes and chilling Rhodes hooks, this track is constantly moving with its fusion of commanding rhythms, complex arrangement quirks, and grudge-bearing bass work, resulting in a captivating sonic journey that is sure to shatter any jungle sound system. Topped off with the inspiring mantra of “What is love? One name for it is knowledge."

On the flip side, "Stockholm Syndrome" pays homage to SEBA's cherished hometown. The track captures a minimal yet visceral spirit, a catchy hook that's rare for a track with such a haunting theme is backed with stepping beats and macabre break edits, topped with intricate percussion. This track clearly identifies both MAKO and SEBA's signatures and instantly lets the listener know they're hearing both in fusion, and the heart and soul of both producers' heritage.

MAKO and SEBA's collaborative single is a testament to their individual artistry and the magic that unfolds when they unite. Their ability to seamlessly blend their distinct styles and push the boundaries of the drum and bass genre, while remaining true to its core values, is evident in every note and beat.

This is a brotherhood we're delighted to witness taking shape


A1. Mako & Seba - ’Brotherhood’
B1. Seba & Mako - ’Stockholm Syndrome