Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

Broadcasts, 1968-1980

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From his debut album, 1967's Safe As Milk, through to his return to genre-bending form in the early 80s (the Doc at the Radar Station and Ice Cream for Crow albums), the man born Don Glen Vliet turned all notions of songwriting inside out and, with a rotating cast of musical sorcerers known as The Magic Band, staged exhilarating live shows which were as much performance-art happenings as they were rock concerts.

Featuring TV performances of landmark early material such as Electricity and Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do, through to 70s highlights 'I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby' and 'Mirror Man', and on to late- period classics including 'Feel Like an Ashtray Heart' and 'Bat Chain Puller', Broadcasts 1968-1980 sees Beefheart and his Magic Band repeatedly conjure genius, leaving a trail of spellbound audiences in their wake.


Take Me to Your House 
You're Gonna Need Somebody 
I'm Gonna Boogalise You Baby 
Mirror Man 
Upon the My-O My 
Full Moon 
Crazy Little Thing 
Take Me To Your House 
You're Gonna Need Somebody 
This Is The Day 
Upon the My-O My 
Upon My-O My 
Hot Head 
Feel Like an Ashtray Heart 
Intro in French
Nowadays a Woman Gotta Hit a Man 
Beast Batch Yet 
Dirty Blue Gene 
Safe as Milk 
Flavour Bud Living 
Bat Chain Puller 
Big Eyed Beans from Venus